All in one book. Two girls who make each other laugh, it's real! The first edition of the 3:00 Book chronicle's the adventures of Beth and Maureen in high school from 1997 to 1999. Inside you will find jokes you might get and some you will want to entirely ignore due to it's worthless content. Buy me if you want to see the whole story, but don't tell your friends. Don't put me in that blind date situation. I need someone to love me and fall in love with me. I need time to get to know someone. You need time to let me sink into your skin. In the end I will be the best little object you ever let into your life. You'll see there's something new to learn about me everyday and everytime you see yourself growing into a whole person you'll see I'm there with you. We are experiencing life together, parallel in existence because that's what it should be like to own an object, to love it. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Love, The 3:00 Book

Now available for sale at three locations in Philadelphia:
vagabond boutique
think music

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