March 21st, 2008

Maureen and I hosted puppet karaoke.
The evening was not very successful.
It was pretty lame.
But only because we weren't allowed to be.
The next day I left for California only to,
regretfully, return two weeks later.
While on my way to my first stop, Pittsburg, I read, "Born Standing Up" by Steve Martin.
He's really funny.
I think Steve Martin would have liked our hosting puppet shows hostesses performance.
He'd say, "Reminds me of the good old days you just read about in my book."
Pumpkinhead was my favorite part of this performance - even though he didn't get to mime.
We got drunk and Maureen left her credit card there.
It's still there.
To all who attended, TANKS:)

If you'd like to see some footage, check out our video page
One skit I drew into a comic - BOOBS

suck a dick.