Star Spangled Banner in 4 part harmony

Vox Populi New Members Exhibit, Spark Gap
Star Spangled Banner
Singers: Beth Heinly, Kim Crooks Zola, Maureen Cummings and Meggie Murphy Gribbin

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As part of my contribution to the new members exhibit I performed the Star Spangled Banner in 4 part harmony with my friends from high school. At the opening reception, Friday May 3rd, 2013, we sang at approximately 8:15pm in the hallway between Vox Populi and Aux Performance Space. The performance was meant to re-enact a memory while emphasizing a fleeting moment. Go Prendie!

Welcome new members: Alexander Rosenberg, Becky Hunter, Ben Will, Bobby Gonzales, Catherine Pancake, Chloe Isadora Reison, Erica Prince, Erin Murray, Jay Muhlin, Leigh Van Duzer, Maria Dumlao & Will Haughery