Reading Room

Beckoning from the reading rooms of our homes, libraries, colleges and art galleries, Reading Room offers a selection of artists’ books, poetry, comics, short stories and writing within an installation curated by Beth Heinly. The authors displayed in “Reading Room” are a close influence to the artist’s creative practice that is her everyday curiosity 1 as a comic writer, performance artist and curator.

Among the texts there is a narrative flow revealing genres which echo from the installation itself casting part necessity and part symbolic gesture that warrants contemplation. Major themes include adolescence, death and sex aligned within the aesthetics of art making amidst the Internet.

Artworks presented within the installation from Beth Heinly, Peter Morgan, and Darby Photos.

Featured authors: Annette Monnier, Beth Heinly, Brandon Joyce, Brian Droitcour, Bunny Rogers, Gabby Bess, Grace Miceli, Holly Childs, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jayson Musson, Jesse Darling, Julien Ceccaldi, Jessica Ciocci, Maren Karlson, Margaret V Haines, Peter Hurley, Noel Freibert, Steve Roggenbuck, Ward Zwart, Whit Taylor, Zoe Burnett