LiveStream Levitation

The Scarlet Woman

Clark's Third Law at Space 1026 curated by Paul Swenbeck with artists Clint Takeda, Ahmed Salvadore, Beth Heinly, Myung Jin Choi, Kyoko Tokamaru, Sumi Maeshima, Monika Patuszinska, Scott Marvel Cassidy, Scott McMahon, Joy Feasley, Marcus DeSieno, & Violet Vulpes

For this exhibit I cosplayed as Marjorie Cameron, an occult figure and artist from the 1960's Los Angeles counterculture. The performance was a LiveStream Levitation merging the ideas through magic & the occult with technology. Cameron was said to personify the Themolite goddess Babalon also known as the The Scarlet Woman. The performance plays on the ideas of exhibition space & the internet using open source software from my desktop to perform the levitation online.

The cosplay featured for this performance is drawn from Cameron's performance in Kenneth Anger's 1954 film "Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome". (pictured below)

Cameron featured in Kenneth Anger's 1954 film "Inauguration to the Pleasure Dome"