I have two performances coming up happening in Philly in late January and early February - please stay tuned for details. It'd probably be easier for you to follow me on social media for updates if you want to catch a performance.

I am putting together OCGOPF in June of 2016 at John F. Collins Park & Rittenhouse Square. I will not be announcing dates & times of the performances until the week of...cause it's really not for you, Internet.

If you enjoyed The Buffy ReWatch Lecture & Screening Series I hosted at Vox Populi Gallery, stay tuned (!) as we are putting together another one, different TV show, for the Fall of 2016. In the meantime listen to our Buffy Round Tables as "Abridged Buffy ReWatch" on iTunes (& rate us). You can still catch our Buffy readings on Vox's website via the calendar archive: here. An interview w/ Zachary Rawe on the St. Claire about the Buffy ReWatch, here.

Every week I have a new comic out on theartblog.org, the 3:00 book!

My next cosplays are literary characters from Stephen King's The Stand & Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files. Maureen & I have some tumblr inspired cosplays on the horizon as well. Follow me on cosplaynhoes.tumblr.com to keep abreast of all the cosplays.

K. Bye!

Me as Spike