Saturday February 8th 2014 8pm, curator & host Big Eyes, Small Mouth:

Big Eyes, Small Mouth features performance artists The New Dreamz Andrew Jeffrey Wright & Rose Luardo, Eileen Doyle, Eric Danger Clark, Genevieve Belleveau & Jake Dibeler with a video interlude from Cristine Brache.

Whether it be a collaborator, avatar, persona, doppelganger or friend each of these performers use a double as a means to express an identity. These modes of identity are expressed using costume, ritual, choreography through tropes found in religion, sex, death, pop music and humor. Experience the performance along with the artists as they act out as partitioners for our human expression. Take in the dark corners of the Aux performance space and perceive the world around you as a splendid hyperreal continuum. Big Eyes, Small Mouth imbues the imagination towards self-discovery further allocating escapism as a means of understanding our true selves. The themes of fantasy and role-play dominate the evening in an effort to tempt the boundaries of performance art; somewhere between theater and real life.

The title for the evening's performances is borrowed from the role-play game, Big Eyes, Small Mouth. BESM is an anime role-play game distributed through White Wolf Publishing. The first edition was released in 1997 by Guardians of Order.

In commemoration of James Dean's birthday, as well as the theme of the evening's performances, Beth Heinly will host "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" roll-playing as James Dean.

Aux Performance Space, 319 N 11th St.3rd Floor, Philadelphia, Pa 19107